Website management entails a number of different services that are combined together so you don't have to worry about running your brand's website. 

Essentially, when you contract out to Datashare to manage your website, we do all of the website related work. All you need to do is tell us what you need. 

We will keep your website updated and well-maintained. You’ll get regular backups and reports. Content development and design updates ensure that your site stays fresh and focused while online marketing strategies ensure that customers discover your business online.

Here’s a look at some of the tasks that can be performed as part of your website management services:

  • Site maintenance: Keep your website secure and running smoothly (Backups; Software updates; Website performance reports; Monitor domain registration and hosting; Troubleshooting).
  • Design and build: Stay relevant with a fresh, flexible website design (Website design and development; Wordpress theme customization; Features and functionality that cater to your clientele; Website reviews).
  • Content and marketing: Bring customers to your business and keep them there (Content development and procurement; Online marketing: seo, social media, newsletters, and more; Set up and manage revenue streams).