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Three police officers dismissed from force after beating teenagers

They are Captain Châu Minh Trung, Lieutenant Nguyễn Quang Thái and Lieutenant Đoàn Tấn Phong. 

Two boys are beaten by police officers after being stopped at a warehouse. Photo extracted from video clip

SÓC TRĂNG — Three police officers in the southern province of Sóc Trăng were dismissed from the force on Friday after they were filmed beating two underage motorists on September 25.

Colonel Lâm Thành Sol, director of the provincial Police Department, said at a press briefing on Friday afternoon that the Party Committee and Directorate of the Provincial Public Security decided to sack three officers of the People's Police. 

They are Captain Châu Minh Trung, Lieutenant Nguyễn Quang Thái and Lieutenant Đoàn Tấn Phong. 

Another officer, Captain Hứa Trường An, was dismissed from his current position as the vice-head of a police team, while Captain Trần Minh Đời received a warning.

The five police officers were involved in an incident in which two police officers beat two boys in front of a warehouse in Vĩnh Châu Town. A security camera recorded their actions. The short video clip went viral on Thursday.

Sol confirmed the incident happened at 3pm on September 25. When the police officers were patrolling along Nam Sông Hậu National Highway in Vĩnh Phước Ward, they saw a teenager driving a motorbike with another boy on it.

The police attempted to stop the motorbike, but the underage driver fled for nearly 30km before police stopped them at a warehouse.

Colonel Sol said the police officers' acts seriously violated the police's code of ethics and caused much public concern.

Sol added that the two boys have undergone medical checks and are well. — VNS


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